Terms and Conditions

Agent7777 Terms & Conditions

Agent7777 is a world online betting agent, have been doing online betting services from 2008 till now. Our customer base are from Europe and Asia. Our services are top notch. Please read Agent 7777 online betting rules before deposit with us to avoid any mis-understanding. 

Welcome all player!!! We are open from 10am to 2am daily

1) 100% deposit only

2) Min Deposit SGD 100

3) Min Withdraw SGD 100 

4) all deposit must bet at least 1 x of your deposit even you didn't take bonus.

5) Welcome all 4d bet, parley and 4d bet are not counted as turnover.

6) Daily settlement 12pm to 12am for all player

7) if any unforeseen thing happen payment may drag for 3 hr to deposit

8) Pls Change your password when you log in, we will not held responsible if other people log in your account.

9) All Bets will be considered void if player's ip is under blacklisted by Agent7777, Agent7777 has final say on making payment on your winning. We will refund your deposit only.

Agent7777 has the final say as to whether the player violates above terms

We apologize for the inconvenience caused

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Agent7777 only have 1 email address, sales@agent77777.com 

Our Nick is agent7777. our mobile is; 65 **** 2853

Pls do not make payment to other nick that PM or sms you. Pls check with us if there is other nick asking payment from you.

We will not be held responsible if you fall for the scam.

Pls Change your password once you log in to the account